Monday, July 31, 2006

Univeristy of Dundee

Got a mail from University of Dundee, and I am still undecided. A psychology doctorate from Sweden is more tempting. And if I go for it, I could spend some pioneering research on Criminological Psychology. On the other hand University of Dundee is a prestigious university and I already booked accomodation at the campus. M.S. in Gobalisation is valuable too. It could help my US Journalism field and I am planning to specailize on International Politics on Crime and Terrorism optional course in M.S. Globalization. I think it is more relevant today. Only sad thing is I have to finish the course in one year, because of the US editorial job in 2008, so it will be study, study and study only and I have to finish two dissertations.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Criminogist Vadakkumcherry Retired

Dr. James Vadakkumcherry, Police Criminologist of Trivandrum Police Training College retired. It's almost a year since I met him, and I haven't called him either. Last time he said I should take a course in Criminology and Correctional Adminstration or Criminology and Police Science. Well, I haven't answerd yet, even after a year. Guess, I should call him today.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Brother Sun Sister Moon

I can't help watching Brother Sun Sister Moon, with the great songs and music of Donovan, this story based on the life of St. Franscis is the masterpiece of Franco Zeferelli. It's a simple yet artistically brilliant film. The scene where Francis cuts off the hair of Clara is truly a great moment in the history of cinema. I think those who interested in the art of film direction should watch this film.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Swedish Doctorate

Well, I got an offer from Sweden, with full scholarship on (Psy.D) Psychology. I could do research on Criminological Psychology but I couldn't make a decision yet, as I am waiting a reply from University of Dundee, on M.S. in Globalization, Dundee is a prestigious University in Scotland and they are offering a scholarship too!
So, which country I should choose?