Sunday, August 20, 2006

Post-Offensive Behaviour

I am writing four articles for the International Perspectives on Criminology and Criminal Justice, these four articles are on classification of homicide, terrorism, offender profiling and post offensive behaviour. Originally I wanted to write only three chapters but now I am adding post offensive behaviour to the list. I think post offensive behaviour is a valuable strategic clue in criminal investigations. As a psychological tool its value is unfathomable.In homicide cases, post offensive behaviour is not only a psychological clue or advantage but it also helps to profile an offender. It doesn’t stop there, post-offensive could be vital to police interrogation. It will help to understand the strengths and weakness of an offender. In India, I think police and law enforcement agencies are largely ignoring this particular strategy. I should arrange a special class on Post-Offensive Behaviour in Police Training College.


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