Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Crimson Rivers 2

Volia! I got the Crimson Rivers 2 DVD, I got it from Amazon. Well, their service is quicker than I thought. Les Riviéré Porpourous (Crimosn Rivers), is one of the best police thriller I have ever seen. Criminoloy teacher and Commissioner Pierre Niemans returns in the new movie Angels of the Apocalypse. Unfortuantely Jean-Chrisophe Grangé is not the author of the second Crimson Rivers. It is not based on his book and Luc Besson made this movie with from his own script. So, like Léon, this is more action oriented film than the first film. It is more brawn than the brain, and a lot of brawl too...Well, anyway I am glad that Niemmans is back!


Blogger John Anderson said...

Luc Besson destroyed Jean Christof Grange's original masterpiece.

10:25 PM  

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