Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Journal: Theoretical Criminology Volume 07 Issue 03

Got the journal, Theoretical Criminology Volume 07 Issue 03
Theme: War, Crime and Human Rights

Ruth Jamieson Keele University, UK

The indispensable metaphor of war: On populist politics and the
contradictions of the state's monopoly of force
Heinz Steinert J.W. Goethe-University, Germany

The world of torture: A constructed reality
Ronald D. Crelinsten University of Ottawa, Canada

Beyond the metaphor: Political violence, human rights and 'new' peacemaking
Kieran McEvoy Queen's University Belfast, UK

No sense of an ending: Researching the experience of imprisonment and
release among Republican ex-prisoners
Adrian Grounds Cambridge University, UK and Ruth Jamieson Keele University,

Women studying violent male institutions: Cross-gendered dynamics in police
research on secrecy and danger
Martha K. Huggins Union College, New York, USA and Marie-Louise Glebbeek
University of Utrecht, the Netherlands

Merton with energy, Katz with structure: The sociology of vindictiveness and
the criminology of transgression
Jock Young City University of New York, USA


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